Maternity Leave Tip of the Day: 3

THERE IS NOTHING MORE FRUSTRATING THAN TRYING TO CALL EDD! Yes, ALL CAPS, because I’m shouting as I type this. The wait time to speak to a customer service rep can be ridiculously long. But worse – most often – there are too many people on hold so you get disconnected. WTF! You don’t even get a fighting chance!!! Whyyyyyy?

So, here’s a tip that my girlfriend shared with me. It doesn’t work all the time, but on several occasions I have successfully reached an actual human in my first attempt.

Once your claim has been filed, and you’ve set up your pin number (you can do this even when the office is closed via their automated telephone system – instructions here) – follow these steps:

  1. Call EDD at 1-800-480-3287 (disability) or 1-877-238-4373 (PFL) at exactly 7:58 AM. Seriously, as crazy as it sounds, calling two minutes before the office opens is key!
  2. Immediately press “1” two times (once for English, I forget what the other is)
  3. Immediately enter your Social Security Number
  4. Immediately press “1” (to confirm SS#)
  5. Immediately enter your four digit pin (wait to press the last number until the clock on your phone turns to 8:00)
  6. Immediately press “0”
Hope this helps! If you were successful using this trick, tell us about it in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Maternity Leave Tip of the Day: 3

  1. Destiny Schroyer says:

    Hi! I just did this and they added a step!

    1 for English
    1 for Payments
    1 for History (this is the new step I think — it’s 3 “1”s, not just two!)
    1 to Confirm
    0 for a Representative

    I was able to get in right at 8am! If you wait too long to put in your PIN, then it asks you to re-enter it, which buys you a little time until it turns 8am 🙂

    Also, the wait times they share aren’t real. They said 1 minute and it was way longer. Last time I did this, they said 11 minutes and it was really 30 – but I was just happy to get through!


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